Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Gift Ideas

So my husband thinks Valentine's is a hallmark holiday, he sends flowers to work and gets me a gift, so this year to get him in the spirit I decided to do an idea I found on pinterest. I'm doing 14 days of valentines starting February 1st and each will have a cheesy saying with them. Then on the 14th will be a gift bag full of things I know he will love. Here are some ideas with the items I'm doing. I wrapped the items, you don't have to I had this wrap and the bags for awhile got them on clearance years ago.

I found these hot cocoa stirrers at Target and thought they'd be perfect. Made the tags all on kraft cardstock and used rub ons and handwriting for the lettering.

Wrapped up the gum in Valentine tissue paper

 This one is hard to see, it's mini cupcakes in a push pop container
 Bananas 4 U

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