Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chinese Dim Sum

These aren't homemade, but are amazing. If you are lucky enough like I am to have a traditional chinese market by you, definitely stop in. We love Shumai, chinese dumplings and all kinds of authentic Chinese food (while chicken and broccoli and sesame chicken is great, this stuff is much better that that take out your order). So we picked up a variety of different shumai and dumplings and steamed them at home. The rice was steamed while wrapped in soy bean paper and had a mushroom sauce on it. We also love going to Shabu Shabu and if you've never been the best way to describe it is almost like a fondue, they bring a big pot of broth out to the table that is kept warm on a burner. You add meats, veggies, noodles, etc and cook it right at the table. The variety of food you add gives the broth a wonderful flavor. Next time we go I will take some pictures to share. We keep chopsticks on hand at home since we do make Chinese food pretty often.

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