Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

I wanted to make a list for myself of things I want to accomplish this year and look back at the end of December and see if I completed everything. I'm a big list person and having a list usually helps me remember everything I want to do and I figure if I put it on my blog it will hold me accountable. Since 13 is an unlucky number for me, I want to try to change that luck around this year.

  1. Do one recipe or project off pinterest each week
  2. Plan a big trip for 2014
  3. Go fruit picking (strawberry, apple, etc)
  4. Visit a winery
  5. Visit the local beer brewery
  6. Take a sewing class
  7. Take a baking or cake decorating class
  8. Visit a scrapbook expo
  9. Paint the living room
  10. Take more pictures
  11. Scrapbook at least once a week
  12. Find artwork for the living room
  13. Get a new mirror for the back our of bedroom door
  14. Make tags for baked goods I give out
  15. Homemade Christmas cards
  16. Make more items to put in etsy store
  17. Blog at least once a week
  18. Visit local craft fairs
  19. Make ornaments for gifts
  20. Pamper myself with a spa day

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