Friday, June 29, 2012

Necklace Holder

I needed something to hold my bulkier necklaces because I was running out of room in my jewelry box. I browsed etsy and saw an idea I loved and figured I could make it in the colors I love. I still have to get Kyle to hang this up for me in our bedroom but I wanted to share some photos. It's painted a dark gray to match our bedroom which is a lighter gray. I got the knobs from Target, the paint from Lowes and the flowers from my scrapbook collection that I added jewels to the center.

To make get a 2x4 at Lowes and had dh cut it to 20" long (you can make this any length you wish), completely sanded all sides of the piece of wood. Marked out dots for Kyle to drill the holes in for me. I painted a few coats of my paint, added the knobs on and added the flowers. The flowers perfectly cover up any inperfections in the wood.

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