Monday, August 22, 2011


Cakepops are a favorite of mine to make, they are easy to make and just about everyone loves them. These are vanilla cake with vanilla frosting with chocolate outside. You can mix up different cake types with these such as devils food, red velvet, strawberry, etc. To make them take your favorite cake recipe (boxed or homemade) and prepare and bake just as you are making a regular cake. Once your cake is done, let it cool then and crush into crumbs in a food processor. Mix in frosting (canned or homemade), I always start with a little bit because you can always add more. Keep processing until mixture is combined and is a consistency to roll. Roll into balls and melt a little chocolate. Dip lollipop stick in chocolate on the end and put in ball, this will help the lollipop stay together when holding it. Then put in the fridge for about and hour.

Melt more chocolate (use bark or your favorite melts such as wilton). Dip lollipops in chocolate, add sprinkles, and then put lollipop stick in styrofoam. Put back in fridge to harden. To make these for favors wrap in cello and tie with ribbon.

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