Monday, January 4, 2016

Scrapbook Pages

Figured I'd start the new year off with some Scrapbook pages, didn't do a lot the end of last year so really want to get caught up now that it's Winter. I'm participating in a scrapbook page a day challenge to help me get more pages done, hope to do over 31 pages this month. Here are some new pages I made
Flowers from my birthday last year, two of my favorites and of course in pink

Snow melting off our deck last spring after a long, snowy winter

My local favorite food so glad I discovered it - The Frenagel - a bagel/doughnut hybrid

I always celebrate the first iced coffee of the season, to me it's the signal that warm weather is finally arriving after a long, cold winter. This one must've been the first nice day we had in March since I had my nails done for St Patrick's Day.

A selfie in the car love this background paper and couldn't wait to use it

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